Welcome to the baroque town of Rastatt

Aerial view of Rastatt Castle in the foreground and houses
Aerial view of the town of Rastatt. Photo: Joachim Gerstner
Pond in Rastatt Palace Gardens. Rastatt Castle behind it
Rastatt Residential Palace. Photo: AMEA
Favorite Palace in Rastatt-Förch
Favorite Palace. Photo: SSG
Rheinauen Rastatt. Bird flies over the fog
Rheinauen Plittersdorf. Photo: Joachim Gerstner
Weekly market in Rastatt

Weekly market

Rastatt umbrella


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Anniversary 175 years of the Baden Revolution

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Rastatt Residential Palace

Castles Rastatt

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Aerial view of Rastatt

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Impressions from the city

Sunset at Rastatt Castle
Spraying fountains at the Pfeifferbrunnen fountain in Rastatt
Murgpark with the water tower and the Pagodenburg in the background
Round sculpture on the art meadow in Rastatt-Wintersdorf
Yellow flowers in the flowerpot in front of the Bernhardusbrunnen fountain in Rastatt
Murg with a view of the water tower
Blue rain in bloom in Rastatt Palace Gardens
Magnificent blossoms in the city park in spring
Band plays in the Murgpark in Rastatt at the Murg Chillout
Walker with dog in the city forest in Rastatt
Flowers by the wayside in the nature reserve in Rastatt
Murg in summer in Rastatt
Egyptian goose in Rastatt city park
Mural of Sibylla Augusta in Rastatt
St. Bernard's Church in spring
Rastatt city center from above
Sunset on the Rhine promenade
Cycling tour group in the courtyard of honor at Rastatt Palace
Cafés in Rastatt
Stalls at the spring market in Rastatt